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Your personal Feng Shui Consultation via the Web (Form School) (Personal Report)

Your personal Feng Shui Consultation via the Web (Form School) (Personal Report)
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We are offering you a unique web-based Feng Shui consultation based on your floor plan. If you are living remote area, do not know a Feng Shui practitioner or simply would like to have a first taste of Feng Shui, then this product is perfect for you. It gives you a first overview on how your property is located and what can be done to harmonize it. 

While this type of web Feng Shui consultation will not be able to replace a detailed session at your property, this service offers you a first insight  into the Feng Shui Form school. Plus you will get some first hand recommendations on what you can do for your property straight off.

The web consultation will be based on your address and on your floorplan. The Feng Shui analysis will be based on your property and its location.
This package offers a Feng Shui Form School analysis.

With this we will be able to give you a first Feng Shui taste with a full color report featuring:
  • an overview on the location and orientation of your property in terms of Feng Shui
  • a first analysis on Qi movement and collection at your property
  • recommendations on a good room allocation
  • recommendations on how to place your key furniture to maximize the energy potential in your property
Take a look at the free sample report to find out what exactly you can expect from this web-based consultation. You find the sample report underneath the price, click the little arrow next to it and a preview window will open up.

When ordering this web-based Feng Shui Consultation, we will contact you with your order confirmation and let you know where to send your floor plan and address details to.

Price: 195,00 EUR
Feng Shui Harmony - web-based Feng Shui Consultation (Form School) play
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