Feng Shui Tradition

Luo PanThe Feng Shui Compass School uses compass readings to divide a home, office a property into the eight compass sections. It is based on the concept that each of the eight cardinal directions holds a different type of energy. 

Each compass section has one of the five elements associated with it. And each section is associated with a quality like wealth, fame, relationships, children, helpful people, career, knowledge, and family.

The 5 phases or five physical elements in nature are fire, earth, metal water and wood. They characterize different types of qi. Initially the five phases were correlated to the four cardinal directions, and then to the eight directions. 

  • South – fire 
  • North – water 
  • West – metal 
  • East – wood
  • SW – earth 
  • NE – earth 
  • SE – wood 
  • NW – Metal
The Eight Mansions Formula uses a person’s year of birth and gender to determine their kua number and best compass directions. Kua numbers 1, 3, 4, and 9 belong to the East group and 2, 5, 6 ,7 and 8 are West group.

Building sitting directions determine whether a structure is an East group or West group structure. Utilizing the potiential of a given direction e.g. for your sleeping or working space can enhance your life goals.

The Compass School also uses ancient mathematical formulas that analyze orientation and the time factor. Compass directions are taken with a luo pan and the formulas are applied to the exterior environment and the interior floor plan. There are numerous readings and formulae within the compass school each analyzing different aspects of the feng shui.