Feng Shui Tips

In Feng Shui there are many methods that can be applied to a room and an estate.

Amongst the many schools that developed over the centuries, a division is nowadays being made between the so-called Form School and the Compass School. The form school has its focus on earthly features, while the compass school works with heavenly qi. For more details on these terms, please take a look at our overview at "About Feng Shui".

In a full Feng Shui Consultation we will look at both factors, however to get you started, here is an example of the form school in action: How to position your bed? There are two important factors determing how a room function: One is the Qi-Flow, the other is the direction one is facing when sitting at a desk, on the couch or laying in bed.

The Qi-Flow gives us an indication on what part of the room is "busy" and what part of the room is more useful for "resting". Depending on the function of the room both are important. 

For the bedroom we are looking at a good resting place, which means we want to avoid position the bed in an area of qi flow but are rather looking for an area of qi accumulation.

The other part we would be looking for for a restful night sleep is "protection". Protection means the physical protection of for example walls around us for example an armchair with a high back. Protection, however, also refers to the view of the room that we have. We want to know what's going on. Only when we can see the entrance for example will we feel secure in the sense that should something happen, like a noise or someone entering the room we immediately take note of what or who it is - because we can see the person.

In a full consultation next to the form school in its most classical way, we would also look at the Qi that the building has (e.g. the date it was built or had a major revamp) - we would also look at the inhabitant. All three factors are then combined to give you the best possible way of furnishing your bedroom. Factors include not only the direction the bed is facing, but also what kind of materials and colours to use in the given room.

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