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There are three forms of electronic smog made up of electrical fields. These fields are also often talked about with their abbrevation EMF.  

Household wiring that, even when no electricity is consumed in the house, still emits a radiation into the building and beyond creates the first.

The second is created by electrical appliances like televisions, toasters, kettles and others that all emit a magnetic field up to five feet from them when switched on. Be aware that these appliances continue to emit when they are in stand-by modus. Also things like the new light bulbs continuously emit radiation which actually means that even though they are saving electricity they are actually causing a much higher concern in regards to health. The closer and longer a person is next to something electrical raises the dose taken into the body. A radio clock and electric blanket are two such items found in many households are causing bad sleep, headaches and loss of physical energy.

The third part of the smog is the radio frequency fields emitted by microwave ovens, television and radio transmitters, mobile telephone masts and even a mobile telephone held close to the head. A new addition to this is all wireless communication devices, like your wireless internet at home.

Scientists studying the rise in cancers have concluded to date that the smog that most of the population throughout the world are exposed to causes 30 per cent of all cancers and are possibly responsible for one in ten of all miscarriages.

Doctors are becoming aware that new causes of depression and even allergies to electricity are increasing rapidly causing people to make complete life changes in order to escape the electrical fields.

Things are so bad that the World Health Organisation (WHO) have estimated that three in every 100 people in the world now suffer from an allergy to electricity.

On a positive note there are some remedies you can take: Eliminate all electronical equipment in your bedroom, this includes an alarm clock that requires to be plugged-in, use a battery one instead. Also take out your TV. Don’t use energy saving light bulbs. They came with a special technology that when switched on emits a big spark of electronic smog.

Also avoid technical equipments with starters like the energy-saving bulbs mentioned above, fluorescent lighting or with separate power adapters. These emit electronical charges not only when switched on but continuously. A good idea is to use sockets with separate switch-on buttons.

Not only will you save energy as most technical equipment now-a-days don’t switch off completely but instead remain in standby-modus, it also reduces the electronic smog in your house and flat.

Another more traditional remedy are salt lamps and quartz stones which are believed to take out part of the emission in the room.

This article has been written with the kind guidance of a blog post published by The Green Ghost.