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The Feng Shui Dictionary

Reading up on Feng Shui you will come across the one or other Chinese term. Some of these have more general meanings, others are specific to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Below you will find a list of the most common ones:

General Feng Shui terms

(in alphabetical order)


An jian secret arrow
Ba Gua The Eight trigrams (learn more about: Yijing)
Ba kong wang Eight void (evil) lines - trigram divisions affecting facings
Bai Hu One of the four celestial animals: White Tiger sits in the western palace
Bei dou xing Big dipper
Bi he mutual harmony (no effect)
Chu gua Out of the trigram
Di earth
Di li Water, river, watercourse, body of water
Di pan Earth plate
Dui Part of the 8 Guas: Lake or marsh
Feng Shui wind water
Feng shui jia / Kan yu jia traditional name for Feng Shui practitioner
Fu xi the Legendary Emperor Fu Xi
Gen Part of the 8 Guas: Mountain
He tu River He Pattern (learn more about: Chinese Numerology)
Hou tian ba gua Later heaven sequence of eight trigrams
Huo The Five Elements: Fire
Jiang pan A special San yuan luopan from Master Jiang Dahong
Jin The Five Elements: Metal
Kan Part of the 8 Guas: Water
Kan yu traditional name for Feng Shui (learn more about: other Feng Shui names)
Ke The Five Elements: controlling cycle
Kong feng Junction between the 24 mountains
Kun Part of the 8 Guas: Earth
Li Part of the 8 Guas: Fire
Liu sha six killings
Long mai the dragon vain
Luo jing pan Luopan (Feng Shui Compass) (often also Lopan)
Luo shu the Magic Square  (learn more about Chinese Numerology)
Ming tang Bright hall - Space in front of the site, usually the entrance area
Mu The Five Elements: Wood
Nei pan the inside circle of the Luopan compass
Nian shen fang wei Positions of the year gods
Qi xian Line between trigrams on luopan
Qian money
Qian Part of the 8 Guas: Heaven
Qing Long One of the four celestial animals:  Green Dragon sits in the eastern palace
Ren human being
San Cai the three entities: Heaven, Earth and Human Being
San cai The Three Entities - Heaven, Earth and Human Being
San he luo jing pan Three Harmonies Luopan
San yuan luo jing pan 3 cycle compass
Sha detrimental (negative)
Sha qi detrimental qi
Shan Mountain, mountain ridge
Shan gu Mountain valley
Shan long Mountain dragon
Shan shui Mountains and waters
Sheng The Five Elements: nourishing cycle
Shi pan pan Han dynasty divination plate
Shui water
Shui The Five Elements: Water
Shui long Water dragon
Si kong wang Void (evil) lines
Si ling shou the Four Celestial Animals (learn more about: the Four Animals)
Si nan the original form of the luopan based on the big dipper, the needle was a spoon
Tai yang the sun (regarded as yang)
Tai yi jiu gong pan  Tai yi nine palace luopan
Tai yin the moon (regarded as yin)
Tian heaven
Tian pan Heaven plate
Tian qi the center of the Loupan, also called Heaven's pool
Tian xin shi dao Heaven center cross line
Tong shu "The Book of Everything": The chinese almanac and farmer's calendar
Tu The Five Elements: Earth
Wai ba gua Outer bagua
Wai pan Outer plate - the square base
Wan ten thousand
Wu The Five Elements: when ke cycle is not strong enough the other element will insult or bully back
Wu xing The Five Phases or Five Elements (learn more about: the Five Elements)
Xia chuan Directionof the water flow
Xia gua tu Chart of lower trigrams
Xia shui Below water
Xian tian ba gua Pre heaven sequence of eight trigrams
Xiang Facing direction of a house or a tomb
Xiang dui Opposite, to oppose, face to face, relative
Xiang hua The Five Elements:  mutual change
Xiang ke The Five Elements:  mutual destruction
Xiang sheng The Five Elements: mutual nourishing
Xiang zhi The Five Elements:  mutual control
Xie To leak out, drain, vent, scatter, disperse, dissipate, reveal
Xing Form or formation in regards to mountain appearances and water patterns
Xiong mei part of the five basic relationships: siblings (sister and brothers)
Xu shui empty or virtual water
Xuan wu One of the four celestial animals: Black Tortoise sits in the northern palace
Xun Part of the 8 Guas: Wind
Zhen Part of the 8 Guas: Thunder
Zheng zhen di pan Correct needle of the earth plate on luo pan
Zhu Que One of the four celestial animals: Red Bird sits in the southern palace (often translated as Phoenix)
Zong he luo jing pan Combined luopan usually called zonghe compass: a combination of the sanhe and sanyuan luopan
Zuo Sitting direction of a house or a tomb


Feng Shui Schools

(in alphabetical order)

Ba gua pai Eight trigrams school or system of Feng Shui
Ba zhai pai Eight Houses School Feng Shui (learn more here: Feng Shui Bazhai)
Dian nan pai Part of the Six Flying Stars School of Feng Shui: Dian Nan School or System
Fan gua pai Changing Gua school or system of Feng Shui
Guan dong pai Part of the Six Flying Stars School of Feng Shui: Guandong School
Li qi Numerology; patterns of qi (learn more about: Chinese Numerology)
Li qi pai Compass school (learn more here: Feng Shui Compass School)
Li xi pai Form school (learn more here: Feng Shui Form School)
Qi men dun jia pai Qimen Dunjia School / System of Feng Shui
San he pai Three Harmonies School of Feng Shui
Shang yu pai Part of the Six Flying Stars School of Feng Shui: Shangyu School
Shu fang pai The intensive study school of "yijing" (also spelled: I Ching / I Ging) (learn more about: Yijing)
Su zhou pai Part of the Six Flying Stars School of Feng Shui: Suzhou School
Wu chang pai Part of the Six Flying Stars School of Feng Shui: Wuchang School
Wu xing pai The Five Elements or Five Phases school of feng Shui
Xiang chu pai Part of the Six Flying Stars School of Feng Shui: Xiang Chu School
Xiang shu pai Symbol and Number School
Xuan kong The Mysterious Void school of Feng Shui (refers to the 60-year cycle)
Xuan kong da gua pai Mysterious Void Wind and Water School of Great Divinatory Symbols
Xuan Kong Fei Pai Flying Stars School of Feng Shui (learn more here: Flying Stars Feng Shui)
Xuan kong liu pai gai shuo Six Flying Stars School or System of Feng Shui
Yuan kong 60 year time and space period School of Feng Shui
Zi wei dou shu pai Shu Fang School of Feng Shui


Special terms associated with Flying Stars Feng Shui (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)

(in alphabetical order)


Fei xing Flying stars
Ai xing tu Chart of neighbouring stars
Ba bai - zuo fu Eight white - Left Assistant
Cheng men Castle /city gate
Dou niu sha Bullfight sha star combination
Er hei - Ju men Two black - Enormous Gate
Fan yin Opposite, reversed
Fu mu san ban gua Three fates - special chart in Flying Star Feng Shui
Fu yin Repeat charting
Gao song High tower star
Jiu zi - you bi Nine purple - Right Assistant
Ke Guest star
Ling xing Timely star
Liu bai - wu qu Six white - Military and authority star
Qi chi - po jun Seven red - Broken Army
Qi xing da jie "Seventh star robbery" method to manipulate qi
San ban gua String of pearls - special chart in Flying Star Feng Shui
San bi - lu cun Three blue-green/jade green - Salary Preserved
Shan xing Mountain star
Shang shan Above mountain see shang shan xia shui
Shang shan xia shui Above mountain and below water, out of place mountain and water, reversed house
Shi yun Losing the yun
Shui xing Water star
Si lü - wen qu Four green - Literary star
Ti xing Replacement star
Wang Prosperity
Wang shan wang shui Correct positioning of mountain and water stars
Wu huang - Lian zhen Five yellow - Chasteness and Purity
Xiang xing Facing star
Yi bai- tan lang One white - Greedy Wolf
Zhao shen Mirror spirit (secondary auspicious star)
Zheng shen Upright spirit (the timely star)
Zhu Host star
Zi bai jue Method of purple and white/ purple and white secret


The Twenty-Four Mountain Rings of the Luopan

1 Zi- Rat 352.5 - 7.5 ° (yin)
2 Gui 7.5 - 22.5 ° (yin)
3 Chou - Ox 22.5 - 37.5 ° (yin)
4 Gen - mountain trigram 37.5 - 52.5 ° (yang)
5 Yin - Tiger 52.5 - 67.5 ° (yang)
6 Jia 67.5 - 82.5 ° (yang)
7 Mao - Rabbit 82.5 - 97.5 ° (yin)
8 Yi 97.5 - 112.5 ° (yin)
9 Chen - Dragon 112.5 - 127.5 ° (yin)
10 Xun - wind trigram 127.5 - 142.5 ° (yang)
11 Si - Snake 142.5 - 157.5 ° (yang)
12 Bing 157.5 - 172.5 ° (yang)
13 Wu - Horse 172.5 - 187.5 ° (yin)
14 Ding 187.5 - 202.5 ° (yin)
15 Wei - Sheep 202.5 - 217.5 ° (yin)
16 Kun - Earth Trigram 217.5 - 232.5 ° (yang)
17 Shen -Monkey 232.5 - 247.5 ° (yang)
18 Geng 247.5 - 262.5 ° (yang)
19 You - Rooster 262.5 - 277.5 ° (yin)
20 Xin 277.5 - 292.5 ° (yin)
21 Xu - Dog 292.5 - 307.5 ° (yin)
22 Qian - Heaven Trigram 307.5 - 322.5 ° (yang)
23 Hai - Pig 322.5 - 337.5 ° (yang)
24 Ren 337.5 - 352.5 ° (yang)


Chinese Astrology: BaZi Suanming

Ba zi Eight Characters Astrology 
Si zhu Four pillars of Destiny astrology
Ming li Fate calculation
Shi Output
Bi Compare, parallel
Guan Power
Cai Wealth
Yin Resource

Chinese Astrology: The Ten Heavenly Stems (Shi Tian Gan)

1 Jia Bud - the sign of growth, Thumbnail. Helmet.
2 Yi Sprout - the spread of growth, bursting forth from Mother Earth
3 Bing Concentrated growth like fire in the house.
4 Ding Maturity, solidity, Heavens kiss. Bee sting.
5 Wu Flourishing and nuturing.
6 Ji Full bloom
7 Geng Harvesting and abundance. Fullness leading to change
8 Xin Dead heading, reformation.
9 Ren Sustenance, supporting life.
10 Gui Regenerating roots and preparation for spring.

Chinese Astrology: The Twelve Earthly Branches (Shier Di Zhi)


Di zhi earthly branches
1 Zi - Rat the young shoot of a plant, the gate of yin and yang.
2 Chou - Ox the young growing plant supported by a stick
3 Yin - Tiger Celebration of spring and New Year
4 Mao - Rabbit Life springing forth. Spring equinox.
5 Chen - Dragon Pregnant and timid. Easter.
6 Si - Snake 7 months pregnant with fully formed embryo.
7 Wu - Horse Summer solstice. height of yang cycle and beginning of yin.
8 Wei - Sheep Big tree with solid branches.
9 Shen - Monkey Expansion.
10 You - Rooster Harvest, celebration.
11 Xu Dog Clearing and preparation.
12 Hai - Pig Conception, mating of yin with yang