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Harmonize your surroundings for a healthy and fulfilled life.
Your surrounding has a profound effect on your daily life. Learn how you can harmonize
your environment and surrounding for a life filled with love, health and wealth.

About me

I have been interested in Asian philosophy since I was very young. Besides meditation, taoism, tai chi and qi gong I am also interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Phases (5 elements).

When Feng Shui first became popular in the west -  around the mid-90ies - I was very interested and wanted to learn all about it. However I soon realized that the information we had access to was somewhat simplified and felt superficial and watered-down. I wanted to know more, to gain insight information into this ancient art, the "real" knowledge beyond superstition and luck. 

The Qualification
I have finished my apprenticeship to become a Feng Shui Consultant in 2012 at the Feng Shui Center Berlin.  I was looking for a school that was able to fulfill a variety of criteria, amongst others:
  • teach the full and comprehensive knowledge of Feng Shui
  • teach a variety of methods of Feng Shui and their development and application over time
  • train Feng Shui consultations by visiting real objects and experiencing real conultancy situations and clients
  • gain an overview of a variety of objects from homes, flats, official buildings, outdoor buildings, gardens, offices and shops and train analysing these with the backing and advice of a trained consultant to ensure accuracy.

combine traditional feng shui knowledge with western thinking...
For me it was very important to learn Feng Shui that is not based on "luck", "superstition" and "religion" but to learn a Feng Shui that makes sense, that can be explained in a western context; be understood with a western mind-set and thinking and where possible can be proven by science.

The aim

My aim is to help you gain wealth, harmony and love. My aim is to use the knowledge of Feng Shui to help and advice people to harmonize the individual surrounding to gain a better, healthier and more fulfilled life on this planet. 

Why a Swan as a logo?

The white swan symbolizes revival, cleanliness, chastity, a life kindly. For the Chinese it is a solar bird, often called celestial goose. I feel this description is very suitable for my Feng Shui website.

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