Feng Shui Tradition

Feng Shui Tradition

Learn more about where Feng Shui comes from, about its history, its various traditions, schools and systems. Feng Shui was developed by the Chinese based on exact observations of nature. New knowledge led to new systems and schools of Feng Shui. This category highlights those traditions and their background. In this section we also take a look at how this ancient knowledge can be applied to the modern day. Click on the heading to enter this category.

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Joseph Edkins released a book in 1873 called Chinese Buddhism. In this book, he dedicated Chapter XXI to Feng Shui. You'll find this chapter below. Due to its publishing date the book is now available in public domain. CHAPTER XXI. F...
The oldest Feng Shui school is "Luan Tou", usually called the "Feng Shui Form-School" or "School of Form". Within it an optimal place for a building site, embedded in and protected by a natural landscape, is determ...
  Mar. 2008, Volume 4, Number 2: 108-119 Dongjie Zhang, PhD Tao Wang Nanjing Normal University, Analytic Testing Center & Appraisal Research Center Original paper from blog of professor Dongjie Zhang, http://blog....
xinyifengshui.com offers an insight to the Feng Shui Classics - read this preamble to get a feeling on how Feng Shui has been explained and passed on over generations: 杨公养老看雌雄, 天下诸书对不同。 Th...
In classical feng shui study, there are 4 classics that are revered as containing the quintessence of feng shui. These classics are The Green Earth Classic,Green Earth Basics, Profound Notes on the Green Earth Classic and the&nbs...

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