Feng Shui Nature

Feng Shui Nature

Out of very detailed observations of nature the Chinese created a system that can be applied to humans and their surroundings: Feng Shui. In this section we return to this root: we look at nature. Read about the ancient knowledge of geomancy and learn about how nature can point to specific energetic hot spots. Find out which plants are useful for which rooms and learn the ancient art of garden and landscape feng shui. Click on the heading to enter...

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Japanese gardens are famous for its artful realisation of nature. Similar to Chinese gardens the aim is to reproduce the perfect natural landscape. Many Japanese gardens hence use the same or similar techniques that are known of the Chinese garden...
An Introduction to Landscape and Garden Feng Shui In China garden design means that the space, even though artificially created, is as close to nature as it can possibly be. This stands in great contrast to Western garden designs, like the rena...

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