Feng Shui Knowledge

Feng Shui Knowledge

Learn more about the chinese harmony system Feng Shui. We highlight background knowledge, current trends as well as in depths articles. We also look at related topics such as green building, building biology and EMF.  Click on the heading to access this category.

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To determine the best room for each function one of the tools a Feng Shui Consultant refers to is the Yin and Yang area of a building. Yin and Yang are opposites and belong to one of the ancient Chinese believe systems going back to a couple of th...
The Feng Shui Dictionary Reading up on Feng Shui you will come across the one or other Chinese term. Some of these have more general meanings, others are specific to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Below you will find a list of the mo...
The most important focus of the Feng Shui Form-School is the analysis of the surrounding landscape. This landscape can be literally the surrounding nature as well as a city-surrounding.  Within this the analysis of the ...
Hetu: River Pattern "He" in Chinese stands for River, more precisely in classical Chinese it not only stands for any river but for the Yellow River. "Tu" means to draw but also picture or pattern. From this we can translate &qu...
Master Howard Choy (蔡洪Cai Hong) [1]   Core Principle 8 定量规定则 Determine the Amount and the Standard   Feng Shui thinking has an affinity with sustainable development; the idea is that the population density of a...

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